FANMex to collaborate with France Libertés Foundation

The Foundation France Libertés is collaborating with FANMex on a project looking at indigenous perspectives on the right to water.


The project will focus on the citizen initiated General Water Law, to regulate the right to water and sanitation and inclusion models for water community management.


Nathalie Seguin, project coordinator, said:


"After the recognition of the Human Right to Water and Sanitation by United Nations in 2010, Mexico has included this right in its constitution in 2012 and the Mexican Congress now has 365 days to issue a General Water Law." (February 2013)


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Therefore, based on this constitutional amendment, civil society, along with academics have developed a citizens' initiative, to advocate for a law which clearly responds to what the Constitution requires. FANMex has played a key role in the integration and recognition of water community management in the initiative.


FANMex works with communities Me´phaa (Tlapanecas) and Tun Savi (Mixtec) regions that are located on the coast-mountains, as well as the Nahua community in the mountains of Guerrero state. These regions have very high rates of poverty, despite being geopolitically strategic areas. They are rich in water resources, timber, minerals and biodiversity; becoming a point of interest for many companies and government institutions. That is why it's very important to work with communities to empower and strengthen their governance forms of their natural resources, particularly water.


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The project objectives are:

  • Raise awareness amongst indigenous people about the General Water Law initiative, which aims to implement the Human Right to water and sanitation and the inclusion of community management.
  • Communicate to communities on the models proposed and the actions they can take, implementing decentralized and sustainable projects that implement the Human Right to water and sanitation.
  • Lobbying for the adoption of the General Water Law.
  • Generate a forum to integrate indigenous representatives, congressmen and senators to make the initiative have a higher chance of approval.
  • Although the Mexican Constitution recognized the Human Right to water and sanitation, this project will look at its regulation. FANMex will work to ensure the recognition of community management, widely present in the state of Guerrero, as a way of self-management and where indigenous people can be more involved in decision-making in water management.


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